Donati Family Vineyard

VinMaps™, announces completion of exciting custom wine map design project for Donati Family Vineyard of Templeton, California.

VinMaps recently completed a custom wine map project requested by Mitch Bakich at Donati Family Vineyard. The vineyard, purchased in 1998 by Ron Donati for his son Matt, produced wines including Claret, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, which fast became so popular with fine restaurants and boutique wine shops the company had to move the Tasting Room from Paicines to Templeton.

Suzi was requested by Bakich to develop a sales map highlighting the Paicines AVA (American Viticultural Area) where the grapes for the wine were grown. The project quickly grew to involve two customer wine maps including the sales map and a larger creation designed for the Templeton winery and Tasting Room.

The Winery and Tasting Room Gallery map created by Suzi focuses primarily on vineyard sites sourced by the Donati Family Vineyard within the Paicines AVA, and includes two locators for the reader’s ease in determining the vineyards location in reference to the Paicines. Elevation effects and rotation demonstrating the effects on the vineyard areas resulting from the wind tunneling through Monterey Bay to the San Joaquin Valley are other features of the gallery map.

The sales map created for the Donati Family Vineyard sales team was designed for outreach, and easy access/printing from the Donati Family Vineyard’s website. Ultimately, the sales team desired to represent the physical geography along the Central Coast while highlighting the Paicines AVA.

According to Suzi, the client was pleased with the custom wine maps, saying, “Thank you for all the work that you did, the maps turned out great.”